Disney Dreamlight Valley my kingdom for a scroll player talking to mother gothel

Disney Dreamlight Valley my kingdom for a scroll

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In Disney Dreamlight Valley, players can complete a wide variety of quests. Some quests in the life simulation game are only accessible once you have progressed with your friendship level with a character. Regarding the my kingdom for a scroll Disney Dreamlight Valley quest, the first thing you need to do is befriending Mother Gothel.

Mother Gothel will have an initial questline for you to complete, which is called The Curse. After that’s done, giving her gifts will increase her friendship level with you.

Once your friendship is at Level 2, you will finally be able to unlock the My kingdom for a scroll Disney Dreamlight Valley quest! Let’s find out how to complete it.

How to complete My kingdom for a scroll quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley

As you will come to know, Mother Gothel wants to restore the Giant Willow in the Glade of Trust. In order to do this, she needs to find the Sun’s Scroll. You need to find the scroll and give it to her to complete the quest.

Talk to Scrooge after Mother Gothel to learn more about the Sun’s Scroll. He will ask you to help him first, so you need to plant a Micberry Tree for him. Here are the items that you need to craft it:

  • 50 Softwood 
  • 30 Soil 
  • 1 Box of Electronic Components (you can get this from WALL-E’s house)

Once you have crafted the Micberry Tree, you can place it outside Scrooge’ shop. Now, he will tell you about the Sun Scroll which is in a chest that’s buried on Dazzle Beach. You’ll first need to find the key which is in the water in the Glade of Trust.

In the Glade of Trust, take a right and you will see an orange glow in the water. Use your fishing rod to fish out the key, and now you can travel to Dazzle Beach. The chest is near the entrance to the mysterious cave. 

All you need to do now is open the chest, collect the scroll then go and give it to Mother Gothel. This finally completes the My kingdom for a scroll quest. If you want more help on this game, feel free to check out our other guides such as Mickey secret door and how to make chocolate ice cream.