Bayonetta Origins Costumes and how to unlock them - player stands in front of demon

Bayonetta Origins costumes – how to unlock them

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The Bayonetta series is famous for its fantastic and strange costumes, some of them are sexy, others are downright weird! In the latest game in the series there are fourteen of them to unlock. In this guide, we will take you through all the Bayonetta Origins costumes and how to wear them at your best, you fashion beast.

Out of these different unlockable costumes, there are nine for Cereza and five for Cheshire. Players might be wondering how to get them all, as there are several requirements to meet if you want to get them all.

Let’s find out how to unlock all the Bayonetta Origins costumes!

How to unlock all the Bayonetta Origins costumes

Unlocking all the Bayonetta Origins costumes can add a new level of excitement to the game. By fulfilling tasks and completing achievements, you can unlock all the costumes available in the game.

Here is the list of all outfits for Cereza:

  • A Brave Witch: Default outfit
  • An Elegant Swan: Find and free all wisps
  • Cereza in Wonderland: Beat gold time in time trials
  • A Pesky Demon: Unlock all abilities at sanctuaries
  • Younger Days: Collect all remembrances and wisps throughout the overworld
  • Observer of Time: Complete game on harder difficulty, The Forbidden Tale
  • The Right Eye: Complete game on regular level of difficulty
  • Arch Eve Origin: Complete Jeanne’s Tale
  • Jeanne: Complete Jeanne’s Tale

Here’s how to find all outfits for Cheshire:

  • The Lost Demon: Default look
  • Accuser of Love: Find all Journals in the overworld
  • A Mad Hatter: Find all chests in every Tír na nÓg
  • A Blundering Witch: Unlock all Cheshires abilities
  • Charles: Unlock by completing Jeanne’s Tale in the Extras menu. This is a counterpart to the Jeanne costume. You need to use Charles and Jeanne as a pair.

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