Remnant 2 bleed build - best loadout, weapons, skills Character about to shoot an arrow

Remnant 2 bleed build – best loadout, weapons, skills

Remnant 2 lets the player create their own builds with the freedom to choose items and weapons of their choice. However, some players may not be utilizing the correct loadout to maximize their efficiency in the game. This becomes pretty important when players are doing an Apocalypse run. So, to help you out, here’s all about the Bleed Build in Remnant 2. Let’s find the best loadout.

Bleed Build pretty much focuses on maximizing bleed damage. Continuously harming enemies will not only help you take on multiple enemies at once but you will be able to focus on your defensive and offensive skills simultaneously. So, knowing about the best weapons, skills, relics, and rings that work well with this build becomes essential.

Keep reading on and find out about the best loadout for the Bleed Build in Remnant 2, and hopefully, you will be able to beat this game in Apocalypse difficulty.

Remnant 2 bleed build - best loadout, weapons, skills Character shooting at a gun range

Here’s the best loadout for Bleed Build in Remnant 2

The following are the items you need to include in your loadout for the Bleed Build:

  • Best Weapon: Merciless (Long gun)
  • Best Melee Weapon: Feral Judgment
  • Best Weapon mod: Twisting Wounds Mutator
  • Best Archetypes: Hunter and Gunslinger
  • Best Amulets: Ravager’s Mark and Energized Neck Coil
  • Best Relic: Enlarged Heart and Dragon Heart
  • Best Rings: Alumni Ring, Stone of Balance, Stone of Expanse, and Vestige of Power

This loadout will truly help you create a build that will stupendously increase your bleed damage. Even though the direct damage you are dealing with might not seem that much, the moment you stop shooting, you will realize that the bleed damage will easily take care of them.

When it comes to the most important items in this build, they are the Merciless and Ravager’s Mark, as they both specifically focus on increasing your Bleed Damage, so having them on your build is a must.

Now, we have come to the end of this quick Bleed Build guide. Hopefully, this article helped you a lot, and if you liked what you just read then please check out our other articles such as Remnant 2 Devoured Loop location – how to get it and Savior Remnant 2 – how to get it.