Atelier Ryza 3 Lila explained - lila talking in cutscene

Atelier Ryza 3 Lila explained

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Developed by Gust, which has been making RPGs for many years, Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout is a classic JRPG, which fans of the genre have quickly gobbled up. In this guide, we will take a look at the character Atelier Ryza 3 Lila.

The series, originally created on the PlayStation in 1997, features are so many sequels and spin-offs that is difficult to keep track of them all! Lila Decyrus shows up as a playable character in the sequel, as well as in the first game. 

Without further ado, let’s find out more about Atelier Ryza 3 Lila!

Who is Lila in Atelier Ryza 3?

As a member of the fallen Oren race in the Underworld, Lila faces challenges that are unique to her kind. She is driven to eliminate the problems left by the extinct Klint Kingdom, and avenge her homeland from the Philscuha’s invasion, together with Empel Vollmer. This backstory adds depth to her character and makes her a compelling addition to the game’s story.

In the DLC Episode: End of an Adventure and Beyond, Lila takes center stage as the main character. This expansion pack allows players to explore new aspects of her personality and see her grow as a character.

Lila uses four active abilities to apply elemental buffs and strengthen her Fatal Drive. She is a mixed attacker with several magic and physical-based attacks. She offers players many choices when it comes to combat. Additionally, she has various elemental attacks for different scenarios in battle, making her a valuable asset in any situation.

The balance of passive skills, which grant additional evasion and critical rate, combined with additional damage for evading and being at max HP, makes Lila a force to be reckoned with. Players can rely on Lila for her well-rounded and powerful attacks, making her an essential addition to any team.

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