Sims 4 how to edit hospital doctor and patient

Sims 4 – how to edit hospital

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In the fourth chapter of the classic life simulation series developed by Maxis and published by Electronic Arts, we will be able to create virtual people and manage their lives. But what if they get sick? Well, they have to be cured and we want an efficient place for that. So let’s find out how to edit the hospital in Sims 4

Having an efficient hospital building can be quite important, since we will be visiting there if our little Sims get sick or they are pregnant and ready to deliver a little bundle of joy.

So, without further ado, let’s find out how to edit the hospital in Sims 4!

Sims 4 – how to edit hospital

Players may be dissatisfied with the hospital in Sims 4 and wonder how to modify it. If a Sim works at the hospital, but the player finds it unattractive and wants to edit it, they may encounter an error message when attempting to do so. This is because, by default, you aren’t able to edit the hospital. It is not possible to go into build mode on any of the lots where your Sim works at.

But fret not, there is a simple way to do it. To change the build of the hospital in Sims 4, you need to be at the hospital and enter the bb.enablefreebuild cheat code while you are there. It should not be done before, or it won’t work.

To enable cheats in The Sims 4, first, open the cheat panel by pressing Ctrl+Shift+C. Then, type “testingcheats on” to turn on cheats. After that, type “bb.enablefreebuild”. This will allow you to enter build mode on any lot, including the hospital, thus freeing you to edit the building.

We hope that this guide helped answer your question on how to edit the hospital in Sims 4. For more guides, remember to check out how to register with the ministry of labor and where to get Bits and Pieces.