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Disney Dreamlight Valley coffee bean – how to get

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In Disney Dreamlight Valley, you have a lot of activities to do, and one of them is cooking. You’ll find many ingredients scattered all over the valley, which you can collect to cook dishes. One of these ingredients is used to make coffee. Let’s find out more about the Disney Dreamlight Valley coffee bean!

For coffee lovers, this is your chance! The coffee bean has been added to the game with the newest Toy Story update. Now, you can make all sorts of coffee drinks such as Lattes and Mochas.

There’s no time to waste. In this guide, we will show you how to get and use the Disney Dreamlight Valley coffee bean!

How to get coffee bean in Disney Dreamlight Valley

If you want a coffee bean, the first thing you need to do is unlocking a Coffee Sapling. It will spawn in the game, but only after you unlock Stitch and reach friendship level 4 with him. After that, make your way to WALL-E’s garden.

Here, you will find several dropped items, with one of them being a Coffee Cup. Interacting with this object will trigger the quest for coffee, which is called ‘Very Sleepy Stitch’. You will need to complete this quest to get your Coffee Beans. 

As part of this quest, you will need to craft the coffee bean sapling. These are the ingredients that you need:

  • 25 Pebbles
  • 23 Clay
  • 1 Sack

Once you have crafted the sapling, you will need to plant it in the Glade of Trust. In around 40 minutes, the sapling will grow and you will get a coffee bean. Now, coffee bean bushes will be spawning all over the valley.

That’s all you need to know about the coffee bean in Disney Dreamlight Valley! Have fun making all the coffee drinks you can dream of. Check out our other guides on the game such as My kingdom for a scroll and how to find night shard.