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Disney Dreamlight Valley Pride of the Valley – all new features

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The long-awaited update for Early Access Disney Dreamlight Valley is finally here. In this guide, we will take you through all the new features in the Disney Dreamlight Valley Pride of the Valley update.

Each periodic update introduces a variety of new features, much to the excitement of players. This time, there are a couple of new characters and a brand-new realm.

Let’s find out more about the Disney Dreamlight Valley Pride of the Valley update!

All new features in the Pride of the Valley update in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Here are all the new features announced in the Pride of the Valley update:

According to the patch notes, the update features a new Lion King realm, the Disney Parks Star Path, and additional story quests. The Lion King Realm has a new realm door in the Dream Castle. Players can now unlock two characters with some quests – Simba and Nala.

The new Disney Parks Star Path features items based on iconic park staples, and new Dream Styles are available for Donald Duck and Goofy. There are exciting stock updates in the Premium Shop and Scrooge McDuck Store too.

Each animal companion now has its own unique selfie pose to capture special moments in the Valley together, and new items allow players to display multiple animal companions at once.

Players can claim new items during seasonal Dream Duties from April 8 to 29, and assist WALL·E during the event to claim extra event crafting materials.

Among other things, there are also new items and features such as improved Well Fed Buff, Twitch Drops, and allowing players to refill their energy bar by sitting on furniture.

The update also includes a collection of fixes for a variety of issues and bugs reported by the community of players. The game is available in paid Early Access with a full free-to-play launch that is due in 2023.

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