Jagged Alliance 3 Flay - how to recruit the character Character looking at the ground

Jagged Alliance 3 Flay – how to recruit the character

In this game having a good mercenary in your squad can make all the difference. They are arguably the most impactful aspect of this game and recruiting mercs that have high accuracy, medical, or leadership skills. To start this process, you first need to boost your team. You can do that once you know how you can recruit Flay in Jagged Alliance 3. Let’s get to it then.

Flay is an amazing marksman and his weapon of choice is the sniper. Meaning, he can take out enemies from far away without them even knowing that he existed. Enemies will never know what hit them. He’s one of those who can turn your squad into an invincible army, and who in their right mind wouldn’t want that?

So, keep reading on and find out about how you can recruit Flay in Jagged Alliance 3 and turn your army into a lethal force of good.

Jagged Alliance 3 Flay - how to recruit the character Character standing near an explosion

Here’s how to recruit Flay in Jagged Alliance 3

To recruit Flay, you will first need to speak with the leader of a poacher camp, Hyena, after clearing out Legion forces for him in Sector C4. Hyena will talk about how Flay has been killing poachers and basically orders you to go and eliminate him. Makes sense, Flay’s bad for the poaching business.

However, it’s hard not to feel for Flay, because, in the end, he is protecting animals. This clearly showcases Flay’s sympathetic personality and moral obligations. Thus, make sure you have a merc in your team with at least a 90 in their Wisdom attribute and social perks. Seriously, you will need them.

Now, to track Flay down you will have to follow the dead bodies he left behind. The first body will be present in C6, east of the camp, and then find the other two in B6, to the northwest. Once you do this, Flay will finally crawl out of a bush and confront your stalker behavior.

Don’t worry about being judged, he is the one who crawled out a freaking bush, not you. Ignore all that conscience’s remarks. So, now just confidently talk to him and pass the wisdom skill check. This will definitely convince him to join your squad.

Thus, this is how you basically recruit Flay into your team. If this article helped you out, then please check out our other content such as Is Viewfinder on PS4? and Insurgency Sandstorm crossplay – Xbox, PS5, PC explained.