The Bookwalker chapter six walkthrough character with train

The Bookwalker chapter six walkthrough – solve all puzzles

Lost your way in book six, The Heart of Sand? Stuck on a train with no destination? Where is the weather controller? If you need help here comes our The Bookwalker chapter six walkthrough and individual puzzles guide.

In the latest title by TinyBuild we’ll be making our way into different books with strange and interesting characters, solving puzzle and fighting creatures. The Heart of Sand is the final chapter in the game.

So, if you are here, then we are here for you to help, read on our The Bookwalker chapter six walkthrough and solve The Heart of Sand.

How to get the train moving

First things first, answer the radio. You’ll need to tell them you’re on train 42, which you’ll know by looking at a steel plate nearby. Now examine the oil gauge and find that the train needs oil. Proceed to the cargo car and get an oil tank. Go outside and check the thank to find the oil bug inside, get it out and fill it up. GO back to the control panel and get the train moving.

But it’s still going slow, so check the fuel gauge for something wrong. You’ll find a cylinder which needs to be hit, do it with maximum force and the train will pick up speed. You will soon arrive at a city.

How to enter the city

There’s a problem with a man inside the car, but there’s no need to do a lot to deal with him. Just enter, say you’re a friend of Jenkins and then let the guard deal with him. No need to get violent. Now go up to the inspector.

Answer honestly, that you’re on train 42 and you have been dealing with the corpses of the previous train conductors. You will be instructed to sell all belongings of the previous conductors before two hours. Or else. Give the ticket the inspector handed to you to the woman just outside.

Finding the red sand

In order to get to the upper city for the controller, you need sand. This is what Nariano tells you, the man who lives in the train in the mid of the lower city. Promise him you’ll bring ten bags and he can get you in the upper city. If you want sand, you’ll have to start selling the stuff of the previous conductor.

First go talk to the man near the locomotive for instructions: basically pitch up your tent and sell stuff. Interact with the dismantled tent and start selling. First pitch the map, telling the man that it’s a treasure map to a shelter. That’ll be five bags already.

Get another two bags of sand by selling Jenkins’ journal to the librarian, south of where you’ve pitched the tent. Other two bags can be gotten by knocking out the man right after the librarian, it shouldn’t be a difficult fight. The last bag of sand will be in the car right to your left, just continue pulling and you should get the last one out. Go up to the junkyard, after the man tells you, to give sand to the woman.

Get to the upper city

There is more sand to get if you want, along with many items along the lower city. Careful in the sewers, as there’s many obstacles just play it safe with the glass shards and the nail. Be careful and unhook the nail and then pluck out the shards.

You will be instructed by the tired man to go south of the square to the metereologist’s house. A fight will break out with the wife, but you don’t have to go into combat as guards will storm you and bring you to the desert, basically. Examine the dead guy, then proceed to the metal plate to enter the sewers.

How to stop the death storm

From the sewers, you can go back to the upper city, use ink when the grate will block you. Get back to the woman and you’ll find Nariano who has also stolen Roderick’s cage. Scoundrel. Climb up the tower to go after him and get back the weather controller.

You will need to stop the storm, after punching Nariano in the face. Easier said than done, but pushj the third button first then scream and punch the others. It should work. You will find yourself in the plaza with a big final decision: leave the controller with them or take it with you. Your choice will affect the ending.

That’s all you need to complete chapter six of the Bookwalker. For more information on the game, check out our full walkthrough and chapter five guides.