The Sims 4 Writer career guide Character reading a book

The Sims 4 Writer career guide

If you want to turn your Sim into a wordsmith who can create an expansive fictional world merely with their pen and imagination, then letting your Sim pursue a career as a writer is going to be very fun and exciting. To ease this process, get ready to get down and read up on our The Sims 4 Writer career guide.

There are numerous tasks and activities that you need to keep in mind before your Sim becomes a master writer.

Get ready to enjoy lucrative royalties for your Sim’s writing work and write countless iconic books and articles. So, keep reading on and use The Sims 4 Writer career guide as a reference.

The Sims 4 Writer career guide Character reading on a couch wile another character walks away

The Sims 4 Writer career guide explained

You can start this job by going to the Career Panel menu or from your Sim’s phone. For this career, choosing Genius, Creative, and Loner traits is pretty beneficial. Especially the latter trait, as your Sim is going to spend a lot of their time writing alone. And, of course, you need to level up your Sim’s Writing skills as well.

The ideal mood for this career path is Inspired, and when it comes to Aspirations having Bestselling Author at the beginning and then turning to Fabulously Wealthy is the best way to progress through the levels. From Levels 1-5, writing books is going to be your Sim’s daily task.

The moment your Sims completes Level 5, they will get an option to choose between two career branches, Author and Journalist.

The Sims 4 Writer career guide Character writing a something alone

The Author career branch

If you choose the Author branch, then your Sim’s daily task will be writing books. Thus, they need to have higher Writing Skills and also Logic Skills.

You can level up the latter by playing chess, along with other typical logic books, for example. Better be sure to remain as inspired as possible.

The Sims 4 Writer career guide Character interviewing another character

The Journalist career branch

This career branch is a little more dynamic than the Author branch, as your Sim will be working towards becoming a journalist and not just a writer. They will need to keep up their Writing and Charisma skills.

Your Sim’s daily task will be writing articles, and you can do this by interviewing other Sims about their lives and then writing either a negative or positive story about them. As interaction is required in this career branch, your Sim needs to work on their Confident which they can do by practicing speech in front of a mirror.

These are all of the important things you need to know before you choose the Writer career in The Sims 4. If you liked what you read then please check out our other content such as Oxenfree II: Lost Signals review – worth the wait and The Sims 4 Style Influencer career guide.