Jagged Alliance 3 Larry - how to recruit the character Characters hiding in a swamp

Jagged Alliance 3 Larry – how to recruit the character

When it comes to taking out multiple enemies in Jagged Alliance 3, a single explosion is all you need. But these deadly explosions won’t happen naturally, as you need Explosive Experts at your disposal. This way, you can be at a safe distance when enemies are getting blown to smithereens. Larry is a pretty popular choice when it comes to hiring a reliable Explosive Expert for your squad. So, you may need this guide to understand how to recruit Larry in Jagged Alliance 3.

There are several tasks you need to do for Larry before gaining his trust and hiring him into your squad and guess what? He is free. You don’t need to spend cash on him. But he might be be a little bit explosive, somehow always getting injured.

So, keep reading on and find out about how to recruit Larry in Jagged Alliance 3 and enjoy creating some spectacular explosions.

Jagged Alliance 3 Larry - how to recruit the character Character stepping on a mine

Here’s how you can recruit Larry in Jagged Alliance 3

To begin the recruiting process, you need to find Metaviron which is an injection containing a miracle cure. Having this item is very important for hiring Larry as when you meet him at Camp Savane, he is not feeling well and can barely speak. This camp is located in Sector F7, and the entire area will be covered with mines and enemies, so be careful.

You will then give him the Metaviron to cure him and also need to pass a medical check. After doing all of this, Larry will be finally recruited as a merc in your team. Keep in mind that he is not fully recovered yet. You should take him to the Sanatorium at the H12 sector. Doing this increases his Agility and Dexterity. Wisdom and Marksmanship stats.

Larry is a great Explosive Expert, but unfortunately, that’s the only skill he has honed. So, make sure to use him strategically and don’t give him many stealth-related tasks, cause he is going to miss a lot of those shots. But he is pretty good at planting those bombs. Use him wisely and he’ll be a strong asset.

This is all there is to know when it comes to hiring Larry in Jagged Alliance 3. If you enjoyed what you just read then check out our other content such as How tall is Mono from Little Nightmares 2? and Exoprimal Capcom ID not working – how to fix the issue.