Jagged Alliance 3 Metaviron - how to get the resource Character shooting a gun

Jagged Alliance 3 Metaviron – how to get the resource

Metaviron is the best healing item in the game and if you want your mercenary to survive dangerous attacks then they seriously need it in their inventory. It acts like Stemshot or Stimpak and even looks like it. According to the game, it’s a miracle cure almost of the mythical variety. However, because of its usefulness, it is a little bit tricky to find. Let’s look at how to get Metaviron in Jagged Alliance 3 and profit from it.

Although, if you play this game correctly, you will have a medic or two in your squad, but what if your medics are down, then what? You can’t leave the rest of the mercenaries’ lives in the hands of fate. This is where Metaviron comes in and saves the day.

So, stop beating around the bush. Read on and find out about how to get Metaviron in Jagged Alliance 3, let’s get cracking.

Jagged Alliance 3 Metaviron - how to get the resource Characters looking around for enemies

Places get Metaviron in Jagged Alliance 3

This item is actually pretty rare in the game, so there are only a few particular methods you can try to find a Metaviron. The following are all of them:

  • You can find Metaviron in the underground areas of B10, H12, F11, and the Sanatorium basement.
  • You can find it near Flay’s dungeon.
  • At the tree that makes animals mad in sector E12.
  • At the beach south of Fleatown Mine, Metaviron will be cached, so make sure to use the overview option and ask Livewire for help.
  • Buy it from Lalee Leewaylender in Fleatown Flea Market in sector H9. They are in the loot boxes.

All of these are proven methods of finding Metavrion. If you are focused on finding them without spending any diamonds, then be mindful about your surroundings as there are generally a lot of dangerous animals and enemies near where Metavirons are stashed.

Furthermore, Metaviron is also important for progressing through hiring quests for Larry and the Shaman, so if you are looking to get some good mercenaries in your team, then you should definitely look for them.

This is all there is to know about getting Metaviron in Jagged Alliance 3. If you liked what you read then please check out our other content such as Jagged Alliance 3 Larry – how to recruit the character and Jagged Alliance 3 Flay – how to recruit the character.