Jagged Alliance 3 gunpowder - Firing the launcher

Jagged Alliance 3 Gunpowder – how to get it

Jagged Alliance 3 is an exciting game that challenges players to strategize and conquer enemies. However, one common issue that players face is running out of ammo quickly. This guide will explore a clever method to obtain Jagged Alliance 3 gunpowder, an essential resource for crafting ammo.

Ammo is crucial for securing the success of your missions. Insufficient ammo can leave your team vulnerable and ill-prepared for battles ahead. However, gunpowder, the key ingredient for crafting ammo, can be scarce in the game. This scarcity often results in players being unable to loot enough ammo to replace what they have used. 

Luckily, there is a solution – crafting your own ammo by extracting gunpowder from explosives. Read on to find out how to get Jagged Alliance 3 gunpowder and blow those enemies up.

How to get Gunpowder in Jagged Alliance 3

To get gunpowder, you will need explosives and a Wirecutter tool. While the Wirecutter tool may not have many uses throughout the game, it plays a vital role in extracting gunpowder from explosives. The Wirecutter can be found in various locations, including the Ernie Island Fort and The Good Place. Once you have the Wirecutter, you can start extracting gunpowder.

Here is how you can extract gunpowder from the explosives:

  • Locate the Wirecutter tool in your inventory.
  • Right-click on the Wirecutter and select the “Combine” option.
  • A pop-up window will appear, allowing you to choose the second ingredient.
  • Choose one of the explosives (TNT, Pipe bombs, C4, PETN) to combine with the Wirecutter.
  • The combination of the Wirecutter and the explosive will yield gunpowder.

By utilizing the Wirecutter tool and extracting gunpowder from explosives, you can overcome the scarcity of ammo and keep your team well-armed. Remember to gather various types of explosives and exercise caution when crafting certain types of ammo. With this method, you can maintain a steady supply of bullets and take down enemies with confidence in Jagged Alliance 3.

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