Remnant 2 Bright Steel Ring - how to get it Character looking at a map

Remnant 2 Bright Steel Ring – how to get it

Collecting important items that elevate your character’s stats is really important if you want to smoothly progress through the levels. Items like the Rings are pretty great at providing these stats boosts and they also bring an amazing aesthetic quality to your characters. One of the more popular and useful Rings is the Bright Steel Ring in Remnant 2. Let’s look at how you can find it.

This Ring is the strongest in the game when it comes to providing players with effective dodge rolls, thus, if you are someone who wants to create a build who is swift on their feet then you have to get this Ring.

So, keep reading on and find out about how you can get the Bright Steel Ring in Remnant 2 and hopefully become so agile that no enemies would be able to even hit you. Hopefully.

Remnant 2 Bright Steel Ring - how to get it Character staring at each other

Here’s how you find the Bright Steel Ring in Remnant 2

You can buy the Bright Steel Ring from Reggie located at Ward 15. However, keep in mind that it’s not guaranteed that you will get it. Many players have speculated that you perhaps have to complete the entire game. Or maybe defeat all of the bosses twice in survival mode, or complete 15 Biomes before this Ring becomes available.

There is some kind of randomness going on when it comes to Bright Steel Ring’s availability. Therefore, even the exact time Reggie can give it to you is still not set in stone. But making sure you have made significant progress in Remnant 2, somehow does increase the chances of its availability.

Once equipped with this Ring, you will able to perform the fastest evade roll regardless of your Armor Encumbrance. This makes the Brig Steel Ring very valuable to have. If you ask us, whatever you have to do to get it, it’s worth it, in our opinion.

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