Remnant 2 - Clock Tower

Remnant 2 Lemark District Clock puzzle – how to solve

In Remnant 2, adventurers are often presented with intriguing puzzles and challenges that require both wit and skill to overcome. One such puzzle can be found in the Lemark District, a dark and mysterious area that leads to a room filled with clocks. In this guide, we will walk you through the steps to successfully solve the Remnant 2 Lemark District Clock puzzle. Find out how to progress.

Solving the clock puzzle will not only help you progress further in the game but also reward you with the valuable Clockwork Pinion.

So, if you want to solve the Remnant 2 Lemark District Clock puzzle, read on.

How to solve the Lemark District Clock puzzle in Remnant 2 

To solve the clock puzzle in the Lemark District, you must first locate the clock itself and set it to 11.17. To do that traverse the district and you will eventually come across a clock hanging on the wall towards the far end of the room. This clock is the key to unlocking the puzzle and obtaining the missing gear. Once you have found the clock, interact with it to begin adjusting the hands. 

The objective is to adjust the clock to a particular time, resulting in the unlocking of the puzzle and the revealing of the Clockwork Pinion. In order to achieve this, it is necessary to precisely align both the shorthand and long hand to their respective positions. To properly set the clock, first position the shorthand to the large circle in the upper left, and then position the long hand to the second dot below the rightmost large circle. Please refer to the provided image for a visual depiction of the correct hand placements.

Once you’ve successfully positioned the clock’s hands, the wall clock will open, revealing a valuable item – the Clockwork Pinion. Make sure to grab it, as it will be crucial for the next part of the puzzle.

Hewda’s Clock Tower in Remnant 2

To find the solution to the Lemark District clock puzzle, you must look at Hewda’s Clock tower, which can be visible from certain areas in Morrow Parish. Even before reaching the tower, you may notice a mysterious purple glow emanating from one of the clock’s hands. This glow serves as a beacon, guiding you toward the solution and the coveted reward.

Accessing Hewda’s Clock Tower

Before you can access Hewda’s Clock tower, you must defeat Losomn’s sewer boss. Once victorious, a passage will open, leading you to the clock area that was previously locked from the outside. Remove the bar that once obstructed the metal door, granting you entry to the tower without having to navigate through the sewers.

Climbing the Tower

As you enter the clock tower, you’ll find both interior and exterior stairs. To make your way to the top, you’ll need to navigate both the inside and outside of the tower, jumping between floors. To determine the correct path, open the map and move it around until you can visualize the connections between each floor and locate the stairs.

The final section of this puzzle requires you to ascend the tower’s interior, climbing up to the clock’s cogs and gears. This section can be a bit tricky, but with careful navigation, you’ll reach your destination.

Obtaining the Broken Timepiece

After successfully reaching the clock’s cogs and gears, it’s time to utilize the Clockwork Pinion you obtained from the Lemark District clock puzzle. Interact with the cogs and insert the Clockwork Pinion, then interact with the lever to move the clock’s hands. As the clock’s hands move, a Broken Timepiece will drop in front of a hole in the wall.

Now, it’s time to bring the Broken Timepiece to Ava at Ward 13. She possesses the skills and knowledge to help you transform it into a powerful weapon mod – the Time Lapse. The crafting process requires 5 Lumenite Crystals and 650 Scrap. Once crafted, the Time Lapse Weapon Mod will grant you a unique ability to freeze all standard enemies within a 6-meter radius for 7 seconds. However, attacking frozen enemies will disrupt the Time Lapse effect, resulting in a slow effect for the remaining time.

It’s important to note that the Time Lapse mod has a mod power requirement of 1,000, meaning it charges slowly. Additionally, it can only affect standard enemies and not elite enemies or bosses. This mod is particularly effective when dealing with large groups of weak enemies, especially in situations where bosses continuously spawn minions.

That’s how you can solve this puzzle in this great game by Gunfire Games. Check out our other Remnant 2 guides, such as Dreamcatcher Remnant 2 – how to get it and Nightfall Remnant 2 – how to get it.