Dave the Diver baby whale quest - first encounter with the large whale.

Dave the Diver baby whale – how to save it

Are you trying to save the baby whale and complete its quest in Dave the Diver? Here’s everything you need to know. While progressing the game, a giant whale will come to you and ask for help. You will need to free her baby from a blocked cave. However, there are no clear instructions on where to find it, and many players are confused. Let’s go through what you need to do step by step.

Dave the Diver baby whale quest - look for these sound waves to find the baby whale.
Keep an eye out for these sound waves to locate the baby whale.

How to start the baby whale quest

The baby whale quest will occur in Chapter 3, as you’ll hear whale cries while diving in the ocean. While diving during the day, you’ll meet a giant whale that’s trying to communicate with you. After meeting it twice, call Ellie, and she’ll help you understand what the whale needs.

This will start the quest named ‘Finding The Baby Whale’ with the following description:

  • A baby whale got lost. I should look around to see if I can hear it cry.

Let’s explain how to complete this quest.

How to find and save the baby whale in Dave the Diver

To find and save the baby whale in Dave the Diver, dive at 75m on the left side of the ocean and keep an eye out for sound waves appearing on your screen. They will lead you to a blocked cave. Unblock the cave by hitting the three skill checks and enter to find the baby whale.

For the next step, you must pet the baby whale three times to make it trust you. Once it does, it will follow you out of the cave.

Now, for the most challenging step, you must lead the whale to the surface. Make sure you’re prepared by upgrading your weapons. Head up and take down any fish in front of you, as the whale will be too scared to move on. Also, you must defeat all enemies; they will attack the baby whale if you try to go around them.

Once you defeat everything and reach the surface, the giant mother whale will come again and thank you for saving her baby. As a reward for completing this quest, you’ll get the Poseidon ship skin.

To summarize, you can save the baby whale and complete its quest in Chapter 3 by finding it in a cave 70 meters deep on the left side of the ocean and leading it to the surface while defeating any fish in your way. This will award you with the Poseidon ship skin reward. If you want to read more similar content, check out our Dave the Diver staff light bulb guide.

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