How to get iron ore in Stardew Valley - character in the mines

How to get iron ore in Stardew Valley

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Iron is one of the key elements players need to succeed in crafting items in Stardew Valley, but its uses go beyond crafting. In this guide, we will take you through how to get iron ore in Stardew Valley.

Compared to coal, which is relatively easy to find, acquiring iron ore can be more challenging due to its rarity. However, there are some methods you can follow to make it easier for you, and well worth the effort.

Let’s find out how you can get iron ore in Stardew Valley!

Stardew Valley – how to obtain iron ore

Here are the ways you can get iron ore in the farming RPG:

  • Dig for it in mines, ideally between levels 41 and 79.
  • Destroy crates and barrels in mines, as they may contain Iron Ore, albeit with a low drop chance.
  • Look out for monsters that can drop Iron Ore, such as Iron Golems, Metal Heads, and Dust Sprites, found on floors 80 to 119 of the mines.
  • Fish for treasure chests, which may contain iron ore in some cases.
  • Recycle your fishing trash. There’s a 21% chance of dropping iron ore.
  • Dig up dirt at mines with a pickaxe as there might be iron ore among other items.
  • Have geodes in your inventory and head over to the Blacksmith who will crack them open for you.
  • Pan for it in ponds and rivers with your copper pan.
  • Rummage through garbage cans. But don’t expect miracles; you’ll be lucky to find it once in a few tries.
  • Last resort, but you can buy an iron bar from a blacksmith for 150 gold per piece. Another far more expensive alternative is to buy one at the Travelling Cart. It will cost you anywhere between 100 and 1000 gold. 

That covers all the ways to get iron ore in Stardew Valley! Discover more about this game with our guides on can you change your name and how to catch carp