Truffle Oil Stardew Valley pigs in barn

How to make truffle oil in Stardew Valley

Truffle oil is a delicacy all over the world, and games are no exception for sure. Truffle oil can be challenging to make, since it is quite a long process. In this guide we will see how to make truffle oil in Stardew Valley.

A versatile and  valuable gourmet cooking ingredient that could make you earn a lot of money too, but it can be used also to make a useful object called Rain Totem.

Truffle oil involves several steps in the Oil Maker and some help from our friends pigs. Since the oil can also earn you some solid moolah, let’s see how to obtain truffle oil in Stardew Valley.

How to obtain truffle oil in Stardew Valley

First thing, we obviously need truffles! And then we also need pigs to find them for us. So what you want to do first is build a Deluxe Barn. In the valley, they were short of truffle dogs, but the pigs are very fond of them and will collect them for us.

Such refined pigs need a worthy barn, so a deluxe barn is simply obtained by upgrading the barn twice: the first time for 450 wood, 200 stone, and 12000 gold and the second time for 550 wood, 300 stone, and 25000 gold.

Once we have our Deluxe Barn, for only 16000 gold we can get a deluxe piglet. After 10 days, the mature pigs can start to wander around outside. Pigs locate the truffles for us, they can be collected like any other regular item.

Now that you have your truffles you need an oil maker. You can have the recipe at Farming Level 8, then you’ll need:

  • 50x Slime
  • 20x Hardwood
  • 1x Gold Bar

After you have assembled the oil maker, walk up to a truffle and interact with it. The entire process will take six hours to make one bottle of truffle oil.

Remember: you won’t be able to collect truffles in winter or when it’s raining. So in order to maximize your investment you have to keep your pigs happy. The quality and number of truffles depends on the pig’s happiness, but you can also sell them as raw material, depending on the quality. Here are the prices:

  • Normal – 625 gold
  • Silver – 781 gold
  • Gold – 937 gold 
  • Iridium – 1,250 gold

Now you know everything you need to know to obtain truffles oil, and are ready to thrive in the dynamic and flourishing Stardew Valley economy. If you’re interested in other guides on this game, here’s how to catch carp or how to make wedding dress and where to find grapes.