How to make wedding dress – Stardew Valley

How to make wedding dress Stardew Valley - wedding ceremony

Stardew Valley lets you customize your clothing to your heart’s desire. If you’re planning to get married soon, in the game we mean, you’ll need a wedding dress. Perhaps in real life too. In this guide, we will tell you how to make a wedding dress Stardew Valley.

Finally, thanks to the 1.5 update, players can make various outfits for any occasion. All you need is a sewing machine, which you will unlock when you obtain cloth by raising sheep or rabbits.

Let’s find out more on how you can make a wedding dress Stardew Valley and get ready for that nice wedding.

Stardew Valley – how to craft wedding dress

The first sewing machine you will come across is in Emily and Haley’s house. Gather some cloth by putting wool from sheep and rabbits through a loom. If you don’t have a loom yet, you will need to build it.

To build a loom, you will need to reach Farming level 7 and collect the items required. These are 60 wood, 30 fibre and a pine tar. Once you have cloth, approach the sewing machine and place it on the left side. To make a wedding veil, you will need to place a pearl on the right side.

For the bridal shirt, use an ornamental fan along with cloth. If you want to make the top brighter, you can dye it white. You can create a bridal gown with a fairy rose and cloth. This will make a long skirt, which you can also dye to make lighter.

Pair this outfit with any white shoes and you have a simple white wedding dress. Of course, you can make it in other colors by changing the objects. If you ask us, a wedding in red? Much more stylish.

If you’d like to explore more options for a wedding dress, make sure to check out some of Stardew Valley mods. There are plenty of traditional wedding outfits out there for every country so you can have the wedding of your dreams.

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