Fire Emblem Engage Enchanter class explained protagonist and character tussle with swords

Fire Emblem Engage Enchanter class explained

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Fire Emblem Engage is a role-playing game (RPG) series developed by Intelligent Systems and Nintendo. The new update is almost here, so in this guide, we will take a look at the Fire Emblem Engage Enchanter class.

The Fire Emblem series debuted in 1990, and has since spawned multiple titles across numerous platforms. The series is known for its tactical and strategic gameplay, deep storyline, and lovable characters.

In the new update, players will get a lot of fresh content packed into a DLC package. One of the new features is the Enchanter class. So, let’s find out more about the Fire Emblem Engage Enchanter class!

Everything we know about the Enchanter class in Fire Emblem Engage 

The new Enchanter class in Fire Emblem Engage is an addition through the new DLC o the game. Currently, it is only used by enemies. However, with some adjustments, it should work fine with allies as well. Note that it does not have a map sprite at this point. 

The stat caps of the Enchanter class are quite slow, but it is great for providing buffs. Additionally, you will have Convoy access at Level 5+. Here are the stat caps:

  • STR: 25
  • MAG: 25
  • DEF: 20 
  • RES: 22

Item Surge gives a unique effect when using a consumable. There are many possibilities, such as preventing chain attacks and reflecting physical or magical damage. To find all the effects, you can search Item Surge in the DLC tab.

Weapon Surge is a great feature that lets you choose a weapon to buff all the weapons with the same name. These are the effects which are included:

  • Might+5
  • Avo+20
  • Crit+20
  • Hit+20 
  • Def+5
  • Res+5 

While it’s not clear yet what determines the buff, it definitely adds an interesting element to the game. That’s all we know about the Enchanter class in the game! Make sure to check out our other guides on Fire Emblem Engage, such as Best class for Yunaka, and the best legendary weapons you can get.