Primal Island Lost Ark guide Characters gliding over the ocean

Primal Island Lost Ark guide

Primal Island in Lost Ark is a place where battle royale happens, and there are many rewards waiting for you to win. But you will have to dip your toes in PvP and make sure you don’t get frustrated with constantly dying. However, if you don’t know anything about this place, this article will provide you with a guide to Primal Island in Lost Ark.

You don’t have to force yourself to go to this place, but if you decide to, then you have to learn how to survive on Primal Island. The competition in this place is going to be very high and cutthroat, so just be prepared.

Keep reading to find the guide for Primal Island in Lost Ark and hopefully, knowing what you are getting into will help you out.

Primal Island Lost Ark guide Character fighting for their life

Where to find Primal Island in Lost Ark?

You can find Primal Island just on the right side of Rohendal. When you reach this island, you can do several quests and discover chests with various rewards.

Battle Arena in Primal Island explained

The main thing on this island is the Battle Arena. To compete in it, you have to use the Registration Terminal and need to consider the Battle Arena Schedule that you can check with the Procyon’s Compass.

Now, Battle Arena opens at specific hours, and you will have to register 30 minutes before the opening time. The following are the timings:

  • Tuesdays/Thursdays: 11:00/13:00/19:00/21:00/23:00
  • Saturdays: 9:00/11:00/13:00/19:00/21:00/23:00

Once you register, complete the Battle Arena: Laws of Survival and Battle Arena: Final Training quests. The following are other requirements for the Battle Arena:

  • Item Level for your character needs to be at least 1490 or above.
  • You can enter 3 times a day, and a total of 9 times per week and per account.
  • You can only enter Battle Arena on a single server.

After you get through the Registration Terminal, you will reach the waiting room. The moment there are enough players, the match will begin.

Surviving Battle Arena

The following are some of the basic tips to keep in mind:

  • Choose a great Survival Battle Item.
  • Keep upgrading your weapons.
  • Use exclusive weapons.
  • Remember to pick your starting point strategically.

There is not much else you can do. Your skills and reflexes will be tested, so you will have to stay aware of your surroundings and understand each of your combat scenarios deeply. And remember, if you die, you won’t respawn.

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