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Harmony Island Lost Ark guide

Harmony Island is a hidden gem among the Adventure Islands in Lost Ark. Its serene surroundings and unique quests make it a must-visit location for any adventurer. In this guide, we will delve into the depths of Lost Ark Harmony Island, uncovering its secrets and guiding you through the quests and rewards that await.

Harmony Island is just the beginning of your grand adventure in Lost Ark. With its unique quests, valuable rewards, and serene beauty, this island offers a truly immersive experience.

Read on to find out everything about Lost Ark Harmony Island, including its location and what you can expect once you get there.

Harmony Island location in Lost Ark

Located to the east of Rohendel in Elzowin’s Tears Sea, Harmony Island can only be accessed during specific times as part of a special event. To determine when the island is active, you can check your Procyons Compass or set an in-game reminder.

Upon arriving on Harmony Island, you’ll encounter a Harmony Island Gardener, who will guide you through the quests available on the island. The main quest, Heavenly Harmony, serves as an introduction to the island and sets the stage for the co-op quests that follow.

The first co-op quest, A Pure Sound, tasks players with transporting 80 Sacred Spring Water to a flower in the garden. Working together with other players, you can efficiently complete this task and move on to the next quest.

Completing the co-op quests on Harmony Island will reward you with chests containing valuable treasures. The three chests you can receive are the Chest of Clear Sound, the Chest of Aromatic Sound, and the Chest of Harmonious Sound. Each chest guarantees you Silver, but other rewards, such as the Heavenly Harmony, Island Token, and Harmony Island Soul are given randomly.

Mokoko Seeds and Hidden Surprises

Harmony Island is also home to three Mokoko Seeds, which you can find in different locations. You can trade these seeds for higher-tiered rewards from the Mokoko Seed vendor. Exploring the island thoroughly will lead you to these hidden surprises.

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