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Rider’s Republic Skate add-on – release date, trailer, new features

It’s always nice to see video games get a major overhaul, especially if that attracts a different set of fans. This is why many can’t wait for the Rider’s Republic skate add-on, which finally adds skateboarding to the game.

Prior to this, the Ubisoft sports game was home to mountain bikes, skis, snowboards, and wingsuits. Soon enough, players will be able to grind on rails with a skateboard like Tony Hawk. Obviously, this isn’t one of his games but his influence is pretty big.

Anyway, here’s what everything we know so far about the Rider’s Republic skate add-on, its release date, trailer, and various new features.

Rider’s Republic skate add-on release date

This expansive piece of DLC will be released on September 26, which is very soon indeed. It will be coming out for all the different platforms where the main game is available, including PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S | X and PC. Ubisoft will be adding this extreme sport as part of the game’s eighth season and will give fans more fun.

Details on the skateboarding are still pretty slim, though everything does look pretty good right now. Hopefully, this isn’t a buggy release, and the feature feels really good once it’s available in the extreme sports sim.

Rider’s Republic Skate add-on trailer

Fans of the game or extreme sports, in general, can check out the trailer below, which looks pretty good. This is “early game footage,” so we can expect to see something more official in the coming weeks and months.

Aside from some slick-looking skating, this trailer doesn’t tell us a lot and that’s pretty lame. Expect more details on this awesome new feature sooner or later, though here’s hoping for sooner.

Rider’s Republic Skate add-on features

Skating is the major new feature here but the trailer doesn’t really show us much. We’re sure there will be new levels to take advantage of skating but that’s just a hunch.

Right now, it’s not yet known if anything major will happen to the already existing sports. This is a live-service title, so some new skins are likely. Beyond that, expect some news when Ubisoft is willing to talk more.

That’s all we know about Ubisoft’s extreme sports sim and its promising DLC add-on. For more Ubisoft content here’s Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope planets and details on Assassin’s Creed Mirage.