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Fire Emblem Engage SP farm – best ways to do it

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Fire Emblem Engage is the newest installment in the Fire Emblem series which was released on 20th January.  You will be able to farm Skill Points or SP in Fire Emblem Engage, so we will take you through the best ways to do it.

Published by Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch, the tactical RPG gameplay is similar to its predecessor Fire Emblem: Three Houses. The game offers a lot of depth to its combat system with unique classes and characters.

You can customize your gameplay with SP, but first, you will need to farm them. Let’s find out the best ways to farm SP in Fire Emblem Engage!

Best Ways to Farm SP in Fire Emblem Engage

With SP, you will be able to modify your characters’ stats and make them more powerful on the battlefield. Farming SP in Fire Emblem Engage is a slow process, but a rewarding one. So, it’s a good idea to learn how you can farm a lot of them at once.

The first thing you should know to farm SP is that your units need to have an Emblem Ring to gain SP. If the enemy is a difficult one like a boss or a mini boss, they will get extra SP. Additionally, you will gain more SP if the unit deals the final blow to your enemy.

After you complete Chapter 6, you will Emblem Ring Micaiah. You will eventually discover that her Engage Attack Great Sacrifice is a great way to farm SP. This is because the attack uses the HP of a unit to heal another ally. When you heal a significant amount of health for your team, you will get 150 SP per match.

Additionally, at Bond Level 8, you can get Emblem Ring Celica’s Inheritable Skill Favorite Food. This skill will allow you to max out your Engage Meter, so you can use Great Sacrifice again! Thus, in this way you can get 300 SP per match. Make sure to use it in skirmishes only, as don’t want to sacrifice your units in the story mission.

That’s all you need to do to quickly farm SP in Fire Emblem Engage! If you need more guides feel free to check out Which Fire Emblem Engage Characters to Recruit.