Spider-Man 2 Home Run Trophy - standing at the Baller's Field first base.

Spider-Man 2 Home Run Trophy – how to unlock it

Are you trying to unlock the Home Run Trophy in Spider-Man 2 but can’t figure out how? Here’s everything you should know. The game is full of secrets and if you’re trying to get 100% completion, you’ve come to the right place. Thankfully, this is one of the easier trophies that you can get in just a few minutes. Thus, let’s get straight into how to unlock the Home Run Trophy in Spider-Man 2.

Spider-Man 2 Home Run Trophy - Baller's Field map location.
Baller’s Field location in Spider-Man 2

How to get Home Run Trophy in Spider-Man 2

To unlock the Home Run Trophy, navigate to the Baller’s Field stadium in Downtown Brooklyn and complete a Home Run. If you’re not familiar with baseball, you can complete a home run when you make a full circuit of the bases on the field and score a point. Since there is no actual baseball gameplay in Spider-Man 2, you don’t need to score a point.

All you need to do is to run around all the bases beginning from the middle one. For the exact starting point and path, check out the image below.

Spider-Man 2 Home Run Trophy - here's the exact path you need to follow to get the trophy.
Follow the arrows to score a home run. Make sure to run through all three bases and come back to the first base.

Start from the same location as in the image and run towards the base on the right. Don’t follow the white line all the way through; once you reach the first base, turn left towards the second base and then turn left again towards the third base. Lastly, turn left again to reach the starting location and complete the home run.

You can complete this run with both Peter Parker and Miles Morales and you’ll get the trophy, regardless of which one you use. The only difference is that they’ll have a slightly different voice line upon completing the home run.

To summarize, you can get the Home Run Trophy in Spider-Man 2 when you complete a home run in the Baller’s Field Stadium in Downtown Brooklyn. This requires you to run all four bases on foot starting from the first base. You can complete this easily without any other requirements and it will take a few minutes at most. If you’re trying to get all trophies, check out our PS5 game guide on all Spider-Bot locations in Spider-Man 2. They are hard to find but will award you with the Funky Wireless Protocols Trophy once you get all 42.

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