Exoprimal Witchdoctor build - Witchdoctor exosuit

Exoprimal Witchdoctor build – best loadout

The Witchdoctor in Exoprimal is primarily designed to be a support Exosuit, focusing on keeping the team alive and providing essential buffs. While it may not excel in offensive capabilities, its value lies in its ability to constantly heal and empower teammates. In this article, we will explore the best Exoprimal Witchdoctor build.

Get ready to embrace the supporting role of the Witchdoctor, thus becoming an invaluable asset to your team. You want to have their backs at all time.

Read on to find the best Exoprimal Witchdoctor build options to maximize its potential.

Best loadout for Witchdoctor in Exoprimal

To further enhance the Witchdoctor’s support capabilities, equipping the right modules is essential. With three available module slots, each offering unique options, it’s crucial to select the ones that align with the support playstyle:

Spread Shock

The Spread Shock module has the ability to increase the range of your Neuro Rod. This enhancement provides numerous advantages, particularly when you find yourself confronted with large groups of adversaries. The expanded range enables you to effectively administer healing and buffs to multiple teammates simultaneously. Consequently, this allows for enhanced team support and efficacy.

Adrenaline Feed

The Adrenaline Feed module enhances your regular repair ability by not only healing your team but also providing an attack boost. Additionally, it adds to the speed buff that they already receive from your heals. This extra offensive boost can significantly contribute to your team’s overall performance, making it easier for them to achieve success.

Safety Leap

The Safety Leap module has the amazing ability to recharge your Repair Field ability every time you use it. This is extremely beneficial because you’ll frequently need to use Repair Field to heal your allies. By having a dedicated module that helps recharge this ability, you ensure that you can consistently provide healing support to your team, especially during intense battles. 

With these modules at its disposal, the Witchdoctor can be an invaluable asset in providing unwavering support to your team. It can efficiently mend, enhance, and uplift your team members, offering steadfast assistance throughout intense battles.

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