Stardew Valley’s first-ever global concert tour will begin in 2024 Character running in a farm

Stardew Valley’s first-ever global concert tour will begin in 2024

Stardew Valley’s sole creator, ConcernedApe, recently announced a global concert for Stardew Field that will take place in multiple cities around the world next year. It is officially called Stardew Valley: Festival of Seasons, and the tickets for this concert will go on sale starting October 13th. You can go to and get more information about this concert and buy your tickets from there when they become available.

The website states, “Stardew Valley: Festival of Seasons is an intimate, immersive live concert featuring fresh arrangements of the most cherished songs from the game’s mesmerizing soundtrack.”

It will be curated by ConcernedApe, and this concert will take you on a “musical journey through the four seasons of the valley, its unforgettable festivals, and its beloved villagers.” You can check out all the dates and cities where this concert will take place next year on this website as well. Only the dates for the Bangkok and Seoul concerts have not been announced yet.

Stardew Valley’s music has been well-received both by fans and critics, so hearing all your favorite songs played by an actual full-fledged orchestra is surely going to be a unique experience. You can even join the Festival of Seasons newsletter and stay updated about new tour dates, exclusive merchandise, and special guests.

Additionally, most Stardew Valley fans are right now waiting for the 1.6 update, and all the things that have been revealed so far about this update have just made players more excited to play this cozy farming sim, and they cannot wait to experience the new content that will be added very soon. So, getting this Stardew Valley Global Concert announcement just makes everything about this game even better.

This is the best time to be a Stardew Valley fan, so make sure you get the concert tickets before they sell out.