Alien: Blackout will be delisted from IOS and Android app stores Character opening its mouth

Alien: Blackout will be delisted from IOS and Android app stores

Alien: Isolation’s mobile follow-up, Alien: Blackout, will be delisted on 31st October from the IOS App Store and Google Play Store. Although not an official sequel to Alien: Isolation, it does take place only a few days after that game and has the same main character. It already got a lot of criticism when it was released almost 4 years ago, as many fans thought it was a mobile-only official sequel.

Over the years since its release, most fans have actually changed their opinions about this game, and it has been positively received. Unfortunately, Alien: Blackout devs released a statement recently regarding this game’s future in an X (formerly Twitter) post in which they stated, “We have made the hard decision to sunset Alien: Blackout. To allow all of our players ample time to finalize their adventures, Alien: Blackout will remain available on the App Store, Google Play, and Amazon store for the next 30 days, sunsetting on October 31, 2023.”

They don’t mention the exact reason behind this decision, so most of the fans are still speculating. The statement then mentioned, ” After October 31, 2023, all development and support for this game will cease and the game will no longer be available on App Store, Google Play, or Amazon Store, but will remain playable for anyone that purchased before the sunset date. “

Finally, the devs expressed their gratitude by stating, ” We want to thank all our players and teams for joining us on this thrilling adventure. Sincerely, The Alien: Blackout Team”

Many fans are still confused about this decision; however, all of them are paying their respects and thanking them for all the great memories. You can still get the game before it gets delisted, so if you are an Alien: Isolation fan and you still have not tried this game yet, then time is running out very quickly.