waterworld-like survival game sunkenland two players on jet skis with guns fighting

Waterworld-like survival game Sunkenland could be the next Rust

Ever since survival games hit the mainstream with titles like Rust and DayZ, we’ve all been grouping up and ruining each other’s days on land, but Sunkenland is set to take crafting and survival to the next level with its water-based gameplay – and it looks great.

Revealed in a new trailer, Sunkenland’s gameplay can’t help but remind you of Kevin Costner’s Waterworld movie in game form. According to the developer, Vector3 Studio, “Sunkenland is a game where you will explore sunken cities, build your base, craft items, trade and fight pirates as you struggle to survive in an aquatic post-apocalypse world plagued by hunger and violence.”

All of this will take place in co-op gameplay, as well as single player. The trailer shows players performing activities that range from fishing to customizing their base to performing boat raids on other players’ islands. You will, of course, be able to explore below the surface too by diving down into the depths and looting the carcasses of buildings and vehicles.

While the premise is similar to a game like Rust at heard, the water-based dynamic of the game makes this an excellent contender for the next viral survival game as it provides a unique gameplay experience that differs from its competition.

Players with a penchant for crafting and survival won’t have long to wait to get their slippery hands on Sunkenland either because Sunkenland will be hitting early access on the Steam store this summer, so keep your eyes peeled.