Sons of the Forest story explained camping in the wild

Sons of the Forest story explained

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Sons of the Forest is a survival game where you are part of a military team sent to investigate the disappearance of the Puffton family. In this guide, we will take you through what happens in the Sons of the Forest story.

As you wake up on an island infested with cannibals, you will need to fend for yourself to survive. There isn’t much direction in the game itself, so you will need to figure out things on your own.

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What happens in the Sons of the Forest story?

In the beginning of the game, you will see the helicopter you’re on crashing on an island. It turns out to be a cannibal and mutant-infested island. Additionally, you only have one other surviving teammate. You must fight to stay alive while discovering the island’s story.

Edward Puffton, CEO of Puff Corp, discovered a Golden Cube on the island with otherworldly properties. Puff Corp built an underground resort on the island and discovered a new mineral that appeared to be a black metal with a bright gold finish. The Golden Cube is at the end of a magma cavern network. It is behind golden doors that you can unlock with a Golden Armor set. The Cube is responsible for the mutations happening on the island and can transport humans to other dimensions.

Eventually, you can discover a wall painting in the game. This is located inside one of the caves representing the Golden Cube. At the facility where you obtain the VIP Keycard, a video surveillance monitor shows a room full of regular humans transforming into mutants. During the game’s ending, the player and any companions are trapped inside the Cube, and someone will be turning into a Sluggy.

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