Lies of P One Shot Motivity Build guide Character talking to another character

Lies of P One Shot Motivity Build guide

Most players are playing through Lies of P with Technique Build. It makes sense as having great speed during combat is really important in this game. Emphasis on quick attacks, staggering, and dodges is way more preferred than dealing heavy damage. But what if there is an overpowered Motivity build that has both speed and the ability to one shot enemies? Well, this article will tell you all about this One Shot Motivity Build in Lies of P.

Just remember that due to the nature of this build, it will be a total glass cannon, and you will have to use a lot of prerequisite items and constantly charge up most of your attacks if you truly want to utilize this build efficiently.

Keep reading to find out all about the One Shot Motivity Build in Lies of P.

Lies of P One Shot Motivity Build guide Character electrocuting a dummy

What is your loadout for the One Shot Motivity Build in Lies of P?

The following are everything you need for this OP build:


  • Big Pipe Wrench Head — Travel to Venigni Works, and defeat King’s Fame Fuoco. Go to the mine there, and walk through the bridge. You will find yourself near a ladder. Climb up, and on the right, you will see a chest with this weapon.


  • Krat Police Baton Handle — You will get this handle after defeating a giant officer puppet that you will have to defeat to progress through the story very early in the game.

Legion Arm

  • Puppet String


  • Vitality — 20
  • Vigor — 15
  • Capacity — 18
  • Motivity — 36
  • Technique — 36
  • Advance — 6


  • Extreme Modification Amulet
  • Murderer Puppet’s Amulet
  • Strength Amulet
  • Motivity Amulet

P-Organ Upgrades

  • Add Fable Slots 1
  • Add Fable Slots 2
  • Rising Dodge
  • Fable Catalyst Boost

These are all the major things you need in your loadout for this build. When fighting enemies with this build, keep your weapon at max durability and activate Electric Blitz and Police Baton Fable. Then, perform the triple charge wrench combo to one-shot enemies.

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