Palia Tree Seeds - where to find and how to plant Character chopping trees

Palia Tree Seeds – where to find and how to plant

In Palia, crafting is a key aspect of the gameplay that is essential for progressing through the game smoothly. You need to participate in grinding and collect resources to create furniture, tools, and other equipment. Without these resources, you won’t be able to make any kind of difference in the game. One of the most important resources has to be the Tree Seeds in Palia.

With the help of these seeds, you can farm Trees. This way, you won’t have to constantly go to the forest and chop down trees. You just plant them nearby and have more control over them.

Keep reading and learn about where you can find Tree Seeds in Palia. The answer seems obvious but can still miss out on it.

Palia Tree Seeds - where to find and how to plant Character trying to collect seeds

Where to find Tree Seeds in Palia

You first need to get an upgraded axe, preferably a Copper Axe, and then start chopping trees. You will get Tree Seeds as a drop item from them. If you want to increase their drop chances, target bigger trees and use a fine axe. This combination almost guarantees Tree Seeds drop.

The fine axe may be hard to get as it requires 1,500 Gold, Iron bars, and heartwood planks, so if you want to increase your chances organically, just keep chopping with a Copper Axe. But try to avoid direct deforestation and keep planting Tree Seeds. They are also part of a quest called Prove Your Devotion quest.

If you are still having trouble getting the Tree Seeds in Palia, you can alternatively make a community request. However, it is not guaranteed that your request will be granted as the devs get thousands of requests that they have to go through first. But you can still try!

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