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Palia Pets – how to unlock them

With the release of the latest patch of Palia, the devs have introduced many new items and features. However, it is clear that the Palcats have taken the spotlight as they are the new pets you can have in the game. These cats will brighten up your day, so here’s how you can unlock pets in Palia.

This update is an expression of gratitude that the devs wanted to show towards their fanbase and thank them for their support. But as the game is still in the beta phase, the way you get these pets might not be what you expected. But if you are excited about the prospect of having pets in Palia, then you have nothing to worry about!

Keep reading to find out how you can unlock pets in Palia. Enjoy hanging out with your Palcats and make your game a little more enjoyable.

Here’s how you can unlock Palia pets

You can unlock your very own Palcats with the help of Palia coins. Meaning, the money needs to come out of your real-life pocket. Currently, you can only get Palcats through this type of microtransaction in the game. You can choose between four Palcats. The following are all of them:

  • Nocturnal Palcat
  • Island Palcat
  • Snowy Palcat
  • Sandy Palcat

You can get the Sandy Palcat for any amount of Palia coins you have. But for the other three Palcats, you need to purchase 3,000+ Palia coins to unlock them together. The best method of getting the Palia coins would be to buy bundles. So, get the 425 Palia coin bundle for $4.99 and then the 3,650 Palia coins for $34.99

Once you get these pets, they will follow you around and just look very cute. They can also accompany you on your adventures and exploration.

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