Everspace 2 multiplayer Spaceship cruising through the galaxy

Is Everspace 2 multiplayer?

When it comes to space combat-focused action RPG, Everspace 2 has been making a lot of waves in the community. More specifically space waves! In any case, the second installment of the Everspace series has been very well received. Players have been loving the rich lore and intense space battles. But to share this gaming experience with your friends, you may wonder Is Everpace 2 Multiplayer?

If you love exploring space while taking part in high-octane fights akin to what you see in Star Wars, then this game is perfect for you. Although the single-player experience is guaranteed to keep you entertained, what about the multiplayer experience?

Keep reading and find out if Everspace 2 has multiplayer and if you can share this experience with your friends and go on space adventures.

Everspace 2 multiplayer Character speeding through space

Does Everspace 2 have a multiplayer option?

Unfortunately, no. The devs have developed and thought of Everspace 2 as a single-player game. They have created all of the features, story, and gameplay elements around only one player’s perspective. This is sad for players looking to play this game with their friends. However, with all of the content present in the game, be it the engaging narrative or the immersive world, a single-player experience just works better with the game design.

Currently, there is no news about a multiplayer option getting added to the game. But you should not lose hope. The devs can definitely make a multiplayer spin of the Eurospace series or even include it in a DLC. For now, you can only explore the deep space alone with only NPC characters on your side.

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