Palia onion soup recipe - how to get and use character getting ready for a feast

Palia onion soup recipe – how to get and use

Cooking is a big feature in Palia and you can spend long hours crafting the perfect dish. You have plenty of recipes that you can choose from and you will also have to collect a diverse list of ingredients for the dishes to come to fruition. Extensive consumable options are one of the great things about this game and you should definitely experience it. So, here’s how you can find recipes for Onion soup in Palia. Are you hungry yet?

Consumables can also be sold for Gold in this game, so if you are someone who is looking for a side hustle in this game, then start collecting recipes and cooking dishes. And a lot of time these recipes are tied to various quests, so if you are a completionist, you should really look into them.

Keep reading and find out how you can make Onion Soup in Palia and discover the recipe.

Palia onion soup recipe - how to get and use Character finding a piece of paper

Here’s how you can make onion soup in Palia

The first thing you need to do is find the recipe for the Onion soup. So, travel to the Fisherman’s Lagoon. There, go to the docks and around the barrels near Einar’s fishing shack. You should find one of part of the the recipe (scraps) for this dish.

Once you collect it, the Half-Boiled quest will also trigger. Now, you only need to find the second half of this recipe. Go near the two barrels ahead of the shack, on the right side and you will find the other recipe scrap for this dish.

You have now completed this quest. Travel to your housing plot, and use the stove and prep station. Put in Onion, Wild Garlic, and Flour and you will be able to make Onion Soup. This is a pretty simple dish that does not require a lot of items. If you are looking to improve your cooking, you should definitely try to cook this dish. It will take around a minute for this dish to be made.

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