Best research in Desynced - Base layout with an Uplink for research.

Best research in Desynced

When you first open the Research Tree, it’s easy to get overwhelmed due to the vast amount of research options available. To help you, we’ll go through the best research in Desynced that you should prioritize early on.

While many tech options are locked, even in the basic tree there are three paths with 10 different researches. At first, you’ll have to choose between the Signals, Structures, and Power paths.

In this guide, I will go through the best research in Desynced to help you prioritize the right choices without wasting any of your hard-earned materials.

Best research in Desynced - All researcheasic research tree.

Best Tech Tree research in Desynced

The best Tech Tree research in Desynced is the structures path and then the power path. I highly recommend avoiding the signals path, at least during the early game.

Specifically, you want to unlock Basic Structures first, Basic Robotics second, and then focus on Basic Power and Power Transference.

Basic Structures will allow you to craft a building with 2 small slots. This is ideal for placing two Fabricators and ramping up your production on Metal Bars and Metal Plates.

Basic Robotics will unlock the Dashbot, which is essential for moving resources around. Connect it to the network and it will move resources to the crafting stations quickly. With this, you can have all your Workers on mining duties.

Best research in Desynced - Building Wind Turbines on a plateau to increase power.

How to unlock Basic power and Power Transference

Next, you should focus on Basic Power and Power Transference. They are fairly cheap and you should have Crystal to spare. Basic Power allows you to expand the range of your power network and lets your drones explore farther away. Power Transference will increase your Power Capacity through Solar Generators.

Progress with Robotics Production and Gateway Technology next to finish the main quest, and take Expanded Power when you need to increase your power further with Wind Turbines.

Basic Signals and Behaviors aren’t worth upgrading but Nanobots is the only way to repair your drones. Thus, get Nanobots when you’ve upgraded everything else and have materials to spare.

As for the Advanced tree, focus on the middle path whenever you have a stable production of your currently-unlocked materials.

Power Upgrades can be helpful as you’ll need to increase your power supply, while the left path should be your last option again. There are some useful items that will help make your production more efficient but nothing worth prioritizing.

In conclusion, the best research in Desynced is anything in the middle path, especially Basic Robotics, and then anything in the right path to increase your power range and supply. You should avoid the left path until there’s nothing else to research. For more game variety, check out our guides on how to get the Crescent Moon Bow in Remnant 2 and how to get Fabric and Leather in Palia.

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