How to Get Fabric and Leather in Palia Character walking through their home

How to Get Fabric and Leather in Palia

Getting particular materials can become a priority in Palia. Especially, if you want to craft awesome and effective tools like the Glider. As the name suggests, you can use equipment to glide over to places. This makes Palia not only more fun to play but grinding also feels pretty rewarding. Thus, spending your time collecting materials is pretty beneficial. However, if you are having a tough time gathering specifically Fabric and Leather in Palia, then here’s how you can get them.

You can make a variety of items with these two materials, so having them in your inventory is always useful. But as there are so many materials in the game, players can get overwhelmed pretty quickly and may even burn out.

So, to help you out with your resource collection, here’s all about Fabric and Leather in Palia and how you can get them.

How to Get Fabric and Leather in Palia Character mining for materials

Here’s how you can get Fabric and Leather in Palia

There are various methods you can follow to acquire each of these materials. So, if you want to get Fabric, you need to do the following:

  • Travel to Kilima Village and find the Fabric Store. You can talk to Tish and purchase a Fabric for 150 Gold.
  • You can create your own Fabric as well. But for that, you will need a Loom. Therefore, start collecting x15 Sapwood Planks, x20 Fibre, x2 Copper Bars, and x5 Ceramic. Then, just find cotton seeds and put them inside your Loom and you will start creating Fabric.

But what about leather, you ask? Follow any of the methods below to get Leather in the game:

  • You can go to Tish’s furniture shop and buy leather for 60 Gold.
  • There is also a very low probability of getting Leather while you are tilling your plot.
  • Just like Fabric, you can also create your own Leather with the help of the same Loom. But instead of cotton seed, you need Sernuk Hide to craft Leather. This item can be found by hunting Sernuk found at Bahari Bay or Kilima Village.

Once you get these two items you will be able to craft Gliders, furniture, tools, and various other equipment.

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