Palia character creation - how it works and all options Character getting their clothes tailored

Palia character creation – how it works and all options

When it comes to free-to-play MMORPGs, Palia is gaining a lot of popularity due to its cozy atmosphere and gameplay features that clearly many players want to experience in this genre. Gone are the days when intense action-set pieces and battles were the only things attracting gamers to a video game. In any case, there are a wide variety of features that players should know about beforehand. Here’s an easy-to-understand Palia character creation guide and all you need to know.

Character creation is always an important feature of video games as it provides a sense of personalization and lets players connect to other NPCs inhabiting the world more intimately. Moreover, it’s easier to suspend their beliefs and understand the lore if the character they are playing is an extension of themselves.

So, let’s not wait any longer, Keep reading ahead and find out about this Palia character creation guide, and create your own unique character.

Palia character creation - how it works and all options Purple entity floating in space

Here’s how character creation works in Palia

The second you log into your account and start the game the first thing you will encounter is the character creation menu. Makes sense, without your character, you cannot go into this game’s world. So, you will begin by choosing between Male or female character types. Once you do this the character creation menu will expand further, and now you change your character’s appearance. The following are the options you get:

  • Face Shape
  • Hair
  • Facemask
  • Tops
  • Bottom
  • Skins

Let’s find out about their functions and what their customizations offer in more detail.

Palia character creation - how it works and all options Character getting a new face

Face Shape

This option is arguably the most important customization option that will differentiate your character from the others. However, there are no extensive changes you can make within this option, as most of it is already preset. So, you can choose from premade faces that you think to suit your character.

Fortunately, within this option, there are further options for changing your character’s skin tone, eye color, and voice, but that’s all currently present. Hopefully, devs add more options that players can utilize to make their character truly unique.


When it comes to hair, you have a variety of options. From being bald to having braids it’s up to you what you want for your character. This is probably the best part of character customization as you can also change your character’s hair color and even choose the dye pattern.


This option basically puts face accessories on your character. Currently, you can only choose glasses. This might change in the future.


This is the top-wear clothing option for your character. You have a variety of vests that come with unique designs and color schemes, so choose wisely!


This is the bottom-wear clothing option for your character. Find the perfect pants for your characters as there a quite a few designs for this option as well.


These are basically the eyeliner options. You can choose between a couple of eyeliner designs for characters.

How to randomize character appearance in Palia

We have just seen all of the major customization options for your character’s look. However, if you don’t want to spend your time creating a unique character from scratch, then don’t worry, as there is a Randomization feature as well that you can find bottom of your character’s model. Just click on it and the game will create a randomized appearance for your character.

This is a great way if you just want to experiment with random looks and items and don’t want to spend much time trying out each look.

These are all of the important things you need to keep in mind about Palia’s character creation feature. If you liked what you just read then please check out our other articles such as Remnant 2 Bright Steel Ring – how to get it and Remnant 2 Tranquil Heart – how to get it.