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Ravenlok – how to get the shiny emblem

There is a truckload of quests to solve in Cococumber’s latest trek to the crazed world of Alice in Wonderland. Wait, we meant Wizard of Oz. Okay, you get the idea. To be fair, Ravenlok is a mash-up of both of these works.

One of these quests is given to you by the soot bunnies and it is all about getting back to them a precious item. So you’ll want to find out how to get the shiny emblem in Ravenlok so you can progress in the game and beat it.

Among the many quests, this can be a little more difficult than others since it involves actually solving a puzzle by finding environmental clues. If you missed some, you might get stumped.

But no worries, Voxel Smash is here to help you find out how to get the shiny emblem in Ravenlok. Read on below to find out everything you need to know.

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Where is the shiny emblem in Ravenlok?

The emblem is actually in the Mask Manor and to get it you have to solve a puzzle. Perhaps you already got that, but it is another story on how to actually get it back to those cute soot bunnies. Well, the clues are all around you, it is just a matter of finding them.

The emblem is in the manor inside a locked puzzle. Travel to the soot bunnies’ basement, and make your way up the stairs in the Mask Mansion. The puzzle is in the first corridor to the left once you’re inside the mansion, and you will have to put in three symbols to unlock a chest. The three symbols are red top hat, a green mechanism and blue scissors. Insert them and the chest will open to reveal the emblem.

Get it back to the bunnies and you will get some precious items in exchange, such as a health potion and a firebomb. Okay, nothing major but that’s a good job done!

We hope we have helped you in your quest to make those bunnies happy again. But if you’re still stumped, find out how to solve the greenhouse puzzle and how to repair the mirror.

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