amnesia the bunker wrench player's hand holds a tool

Amnesia The Bunker wrench – how to find and unlock

Horror games are all about having the right item, which keeps players on edge and has them be careful. This is why players need the Amnesia: The Bunker wrench so they can progress through the story properly.

Players need this item for a crucial story element later on, hence, why fans want to know where it is. Considering how easy it is to get lost in the game, players will need to keep their eyes open.

So, without further ado, here’s how to get the Amnesia: The Bunker wrench and why it’s important for the story.

How to get Amnesia: The Bunker wrench

You can get the item from Foreman Stafford’s locker but you will need a code to open it. Finding said code is going to take a while, and the combination is different every playthrough so get ready.

First, take care of the lift lockdown so that you can gain access to all of the sub-levels. Go to maintenance and head towards the end of the first big corridor and turn left by the light switch. Head to the workshop, make a torch and go to the tunnel full of rats to reach a door.

Once you go through the door, head to the pillbox in whatever route you prefer. After surviving either route, head to the chapel and go to the confession booth. This is where you can find the key, next to the priest’s corpse.

Now, go back to the pillbox and use the key to open a door then reach a new safe room. Go up the ladder and you should find Foreman Stafford’s body, which has the dog tag. Use the code in the dog tag to open Stafford’s locker and get the wrench.

That’s how you can get this fairly important item. Players can use this to rescue the prisoner later on. For more on Amnesia: The Bunker, check out the game’s endings.