Fae farm - How to remove whirlpools Character riding a giant creature

Fae farm – How to remove whirlpools

The first major problem you will need to solve in Fae Farm is the whirlpools. It will make many of the places inaccessible, and only by removing them can you make any kind of meaningful progress in the game. So, learning how you can remove whirlpools in this game is going to be really advantageous.

Fae farm - How to remove whirlpools Character standing in front of a giant creature

How can you remove the Whirlpools in Fae Farm?

To remove the Whirlpools, you have to beat the first dungeon of Fae Farm, the Saltwater Mines. Then, on the 25th floor of this dungeon, you will meet with a character called Neppy. They will give you the Watery Wonder quest that needs to be completed. And once this is also done, Neppy will help you remove all the Whirlpools.

Fae farm - How to remove whirlpools Character about to start fishing

What do you need to complete the Watery Wonder quest?

The following are all the items you need to deliver to Neppy:

  • Steamed Fish x5
  • Sardine x3
  • Diced Roots x20
  • Sand Dollar x10
  • Coral x10

Once you give all these items to Neppy, they will clear all the whirlpools the next morning. Keep in mind that you will only meet Neppy once you have cleared all the floors of Saltwater Mines, so you need to focus on that as well.