Fae Farm Saltwater Mines Seals guide - how to unlock Characters climbing a giant staircase

Fae Farm Saltwater Mines Seals guide – how to unlock

This year, the farming sim genre seems to be booming quite a bit; it feels like every month a new farming sim game comes out, introducing a new twist to this laid-back genre. Fae Farm can be easily included in these new farming sim games that are shaking up the status quo. However, this process won’t be obstacle-free, and one of these problems comes in the form of not knowing how to unlock Saltwater Mines Seals in Fae Farm. Luckily, this article will exactly answer this question.

The pastel-color-filled world of Fae Farm is the perfect place to escape after a stressful day. You will be farming, fishing, and exploring the several fantastical places. But now and then, you will also feel puzzled regarding how to make a particular location accessible. Saltwater Mines Seals are these barriers that make certain floors inaccessible in the dungeon.

This article will tell you how you can unlock Saltwater Mines Seals in Fae Farm. You will need a craft a couple of items, so get ready for that.

Fae Farm Saltwater Mines Seals guide - how to unlock Character walking into a dungeon entrance

How to unlock Saltwater Mine Seals in Fae Farm?

To unlock the Saltwater Mines Seals, you will need to craft Seals. They will actually act as teleportation devices, and you can use them to unlock particular floors inside of the mine. You may have to craft duplicates of the same seals, so keep that in mind. The moment you unlock a platform, you will be able to teleport between the levels that have been unlocked.

The following are all the seals you need to craft to unlock the dungeon floors:

  • Floors 1-4: Copper Seal (4)
  • Floors 5-8: Hammered Copper Seal (4)
  • Floors 9-12: Engraved Copper Seal (4)
  • Floors 13-14 & 16: Iron Seal (3)
  • Floor 15: Cleo’s Key
  • Floors 17-20: Hammered Iron Seal (4)
  • Floors 21-24: Engraved Iron Seal (4)

Fae Farm is a great title. With a vibrant world and memorable characters, you will surely spend hours solving every character’s problem and completing their quests.

These are all the seals you need to have to unlock all the floors. If you liked what you just read, then please check out our other articles such as Starfield High Price to Pay guide and Starfield Ryujin Industries questline guide.