Fae Farm mining guide – How to progress in the mines

Fae Farm mining guide - character farming copper ore.

Are you looking to unlock new ores and resources? In this Fae Farm mining guide, we’ll go through how to progress in the mines.

Mining is one of the core aspects of this farming sim game as it allows you to progress in the game by upgrading your tools, finding new materials, and completing certain quests. However, mining doesn’t work exactly as you’d expect and there are some small alterations to the standard farming-sim formula.

In this Fae Farm mining guide, I will explain how to progress in the mines and unlock new floors, while also explaining how to get seals and progress faster.

Fae Farm mining guide - how to find the pressure plate and progress in the mines.
Break random stones and ores until you find the pressure plate to unlock the next floor in the mines of Fae Farm.

Fae Farm mining progression

To progress in Fae Farm mining, you must break rocks and ores until you find a pressure plate. Once you step on that plate, you’ll unlock the next floor. Keep repeating this process to reach as far as possible, until you run out of energy or time.

However, the next time you come back to the mine, you will have to start again from floor 1. None of your progress will be saved as it resets whenever you leave the mine.

The best way to progress in the mines and keep your progress in Fae Farm is by interacting and unlocking the Pedestal at the start of each mining floor. Each pedestal will require you to add a specific seal, which will automatically unlock the next door.

Then, the next time you visit the mines, you’ll be able to teleport instantly to the last floor you unlocked.

Also, one important tip for mining is to always bring enough food with you. Energy management is essential and food will allow you to replenish it easily.

Keep in mind that each floor will require a different type and quantity of seals. For instance, the first few floors will require basic Copper Seals,

Fae Farm mining guide - how to craft Seals.
Use the Seal Crafting Station to craft seals in Fae Farm.

How to get Seals

To get Seals in Fae Farm, craft a Seal Crafting Station on your farm and you’ll be able to craft them by combining ores and gems found in the mines.

For the Seal Crafting Station, you’ll need 20 Stones and 10 Copper Ores. Then, you’ll be able to craft various types of seals, including Copper Seals, Hammered Copper Seals, Iron Seals, and more.

After crafting the seal, visit the mines again and interact with the Pedestal near the entrance. Insert the Seal there and the next floor will unlock permanently.

To sum up this Fae Farm mining guide, you can progress in the mines by breaking rocks and ores until you find the pressure plate. Alternatively, you can use a seal to permanently unlock the next floor. If you enjoyed reading this guide and want to learn more about one of the most popular games at the moment, check out our Starfield shielded cargo guide and our article on how to assign crew to outposts in Starfield.

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