Fae Farm money guide - how to get rich fast - character running through their farm.

Fae Farm Money Guide – How to get rich

Are you looking to get rich and be able to buy any seeds, tool upgrades, and items you want? In this Fae Farm money guide, I will explain how to farm gold easily in the early game.

Almost every upgrade in Fae Farm needed to progress the story requires gold, so learning how to farm it is one of the most essential early-game mechanics

In this Fae Farm money guide, we will explain the best ways on how to get rich fast and have a lot of Florins by showcasing the best gold-farming methods in the early and mid stages of the game.

Fae Farm money guide - market results after selling items.

How to get money fast in Fae Farm – Best Gold-farming methods

Thankfully, there are various methods to get rich and we’ll include the best of them in this Fae Farm gold guide. For example, to get money fast you might want to go mining, catch bugs and fish and even complete shipping contracts. Without further delay, here are the top five gold-farming methods:

Fae Farm money guide - mining copper ore.

Go mining

One of the most profitable activities in Fae Farm is mining. Specifically, you want to mine as many gems as possible. The deeper you are in the mine, the higher the selling price of the gems.

The most expensive gem in the early game is Topaz, which can be found on floors 21-24 of the Saltwater Mines.

Other than gems, you’ll get a lot of ores and you can sell spare ones. Upgrade your tools, craft Seals, keep a few for Shipping Contracts, and sell the rest.

Fae Farm money guide - checking shipping contracts.

Complete Shipping Contracts

After reaching floor 25 of the mines and completing the quest there, you’ll be able to unlock Shipping Contracts by speaking to Eddy. These are small quests where you need to bring specific materials within a certain period of time (usually 3-4 days after accepting).

The reward for these is a solid amount of gold. Thus, I recommend keeping a few of every material in your storage and constantly keeping an eye on Shipping Contracts. As for where to find them, Fishing Contracts are located on the bottom left of the central plaza where you sell items.

Fae Farm money guide - character fishing.

Catch bugs & fish

Fishing and bug catching are your best friends in the early game for making money in Fae Farm when you don’t want to go mining. Aim for rare (shiny) fishes and bugs that will fetch extra gold and catch anything you can find.

Fill your inventory, list everything for sale on the main plaza, and repeat. With this, you’ll also level up your fishing and bug-catching skills, which will allow you to catch more expensive bugs and fish later on.

Fae Farm money guide - completing a quest with a 2,000 Florin reward.

Complete quests

One of the best ways to farm gold in this Fae Farm gold guide is by completing quests, especially anything related to the main story.

Many quests will offer gold rewards of up to 2,000 gold per quest, which is quite a large amount for the early game.

Fae Farm money guide - petting an animal.

Farm and raise animals

While farming and animal husbandry aren’t the most profitable activities early on, they require minimal effort and get more rewarding in the mid and late stages of the game.

The reason they become profitable only later on is that it isn’t worth selling raw materials like eggs, cotton, or fresh crops. Instead, you’ll make way more money by cooking them and turning them into processed materials. However, these recipes and materials are unlocked later on.

To sum up this Fae Farm money guide, these are the best ways to make gold and get rich fast in the game. Go mining, complete Shipping Contracts, catch bugs and fish, complete quests, and farm and raise animals. Before leaving, don’t forget to also check out our guides on how to get the Albacore in Stardew Valley and how to solve Refract Prism puzzles in Immortal of Aveum.

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