Chained Echoes rock paper scissors – how to win

Chained Echoes rock paper scissors – how to win

Do you remember the classic Alex Kidd in Miracle World? Yes that game made rock paper scissors, or janken as it’s known in Japan, the main way to defeat bosses. Crazy. But the game is also back in the latest JRPG to take the world of games by storm. So let’s find out how to win Chained Echoes rock paper scissors.

We feel the game needs no explanation, right? You have a choice of three signs, rock paper and scissors. Rock will lose to scissors but win over paper. Scissors win over paper but lose over rock and, finally, paper wins over rock but loses to scissors. Quite simple, right?

Perfect, but now let’s find out how to exactly defeat enemies at Chained Echoes rock paper scissors.

How to win at rock paper scissors in Chained Echoes

If you want the direct solution, from the hints you get, the main way to beat The Camp at the carnival is to select Paper, then Rock, then Scissors. That’s an automatic way to beat him. But how can you find that out?

If you speak to three of the several NPCs populating the carnival, they will give you several hints about it. For example, Champ never repeats the same choices in a match, that he never uses Paper after Rock and that his most common starting hand will definitely be Rock. Not that many useful hints, huh?

But yes, just use the sequence we specified and you will easily triumph over him, while everyone celebrates your victory he will leave, hanging his head ins hame. Congratulations! If you need more help in trying to get through the many quests of the game, definitely check out our Chained Echoes full walkthrough or specific tips on how to unlock the Sky Armor.