Shielded cargo starfield - how to get and increase capacity Spaceships flying through space

Shielded cargo starfield – how to get and increase capacity

Starfield gives players extensive options related to their spaceship. You can customize or upgrade it however you like. There are plenty of resources and items that you can add to your ship to make it more efficient. One of them being Shielded Cargo in Starfield. It is a type of Cargo that helps you to hide contrabands from scans.

Thus, having Shielded Cargo parts is very useful. But as this game has just come out, you may not know how you can get it in the first place. It can get annoying as this is an item hiding in plain sight, as once you find it, you will never run out of it. Hopefully.

Keep reading and find out where you can get Shielded Cargo in Starfield. And also how you can increase your cargo capacity as after finding out about Shielded Cargo, you will be smuggling a lot more contraband.

Shielded cargo starfield - how to get and increase capacity Character talking to a shopkeeper

How to get Shielded Cargo in Starfield?

The fastest way to find Shielded Cargo is by buying it from Lon Anderson located at Red Mile. Travel to the Porrima Star System, and land in Porrima III. There will be a gambling den called Red Mile.

Inside, you will find Lon Anderson. You need to then strike up a conversation with him and tell him to modify your ship. He will then give you a couple of options. Select the cargo section and find the Shielded Cargo Hold. Now, it’s up to you what type of Shielded Cargo you want to buy. Generally, the one with the highest capacity is the most expensive.

Get the 200CM Ballast Shielded Cargo Hold that costs 4512 credits. Once you do this, congratulations, you just got a Shielded Cargo.

How to equip the Shielded Cargo onto your ship?

Travel to any spaceship station and start customizing your ship. Find the Shielded Cargo under the Cargo Section.  Remove the Cargo you have and change it with the Shielded Cargo Hold.

This way, you will be able to carry more contraband and don’t have to worry about scanners. A great way to earn money fast in Starfield as well.

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