Starfield first contact mission guide and walkthrough Character looking at a giant planet

Starfield first contact mission guide and walkthrough

Just like any other Bethesda game, players have total freedom regarding what kind of approach they want to take with each quest. These approaches generally boil down to important dialogue options or player actions you can choose to do. One of these quests is First Contact in Starfield. This quest heavily relies on player choice to be resolved. However, if you are having second thoughts on how you should go about it, this article will present you with a quick guide.

First Contact is a very detailed and long quest in Starfield. So, be prepared to spend some time completing this quest. Furthermore, you have to talk to quite a lot of characters, so knowing ahead of the consequences of the choices you need to make will help you decide much faster.

Keep reading to find a quick guide for the quest First Contact in Starfield. Use this article as a reference, and you will complete this quest in no time.

How to start the First Contact quest in Starfield?

To begin this quest, simply travel to Porima II in the Porima system. While orbiting over this planet, you will get a distress signal. Listen to this signal and then, finally go to the quest marker.

It will take to Chief Sugiyama, and you have to speak to him about this distress signal. He will tell you about a mysterious ship not communicating with him although they are still hovering about the planet. Once you do this, you will begin this quest.

Starfield first contact mission guide and walkthrough Character talking about who they are

How to complete the First Contact quest in Starfield?

Talk to Diana

After you dock on the mysterious ship, you will find humans inside it. Talk to Diana, and she will shed some light on what is going on as she is the captain of this spaceship. In short, they are a group of colonists who left Earth 200 years ago and now have come to Porrima II seeking refuge. This mission has been passed down generations, and they see this planet as their new home.

However, they also believed they were the only humans alive in the galaxy and did not know about Porrima II being colonized by a corporation, who are now ready to turn it into a resort. She also lets you know that due to technical issues, their communication systems are not working. Thus, they are still in the dark about everything.

Diana lets you know that she sees Paradiso as their rightful home and asks you to find a solution for her and the other colonists.

From here onwards, you can choose between three choices to resolve this situation.

Starfield first contact mission guide and walkthrough Character sitting on a chair talking

Talking to Oliver

After finishing your talk with Diana, go back to Porrima II. You will need to go to the Paradiso building and talk to the CEO himself, Oliver. After you let him know what is going on with Oliver, he will propose three options for you:

  • Tell them they can live on this planet but as servants to Paradiso.
  • Give them a new Grav Drive, so that they can look for a new home somewhere else.
  • Blow up the spaceship by destroying their reactor.

The first option

Choosing the first option is a neutral approach, but it still has dark undertones. The colonists will just become slaves to the giant corporation, and you even have to find 10 Lithium, 80 iron, 20 sealants, and 40 fiber. This option is pretty arduous.

The second option

Choosing the second option has a much more positive consequence. You need to buy the new Grav Drive from a shop nearby. It will cost you 40,000 credits. You can pass a persuasion check to lower the price to 25,000 credits. Now you need to give this Grav Drive to Diana. The colonists will then leave to find a new home.

The third option

The third and final option is arguably the most violent and darkest. Blow up the spaceship’s reactor by first pickpocketing the chief engineer and stealing his key. It will open up the three terminals on the engineering bay.

You then need to tweak the three terminals and then head back to the control system present at the captain’s seat. After hacking the device and then choosing the Emergency Reactor Overdrive option. Press “Confirm Request.”

The colonists will get hostile towards you but don’t fight back, just leave the spaceship. The moment you do that, the entire spaceship will explode.

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