Red Mile Starfield location overview - rewards, events, map Character looking at something

Red Mile Starfield location overview – rewards, events, map

With hundreds of planets in Starfield to explore, it may get overwhelming for some. You may burn yourself out by constantly hopping from one planet to another. So, it becomes important to choose the planet that has more valuable places to explore over the others. Red Mile in Starfield is one of those locations.

This facility has various items, resources, and even a quest that you should definitely check out. But if you are still wondering if you should visit this place or not. Then, this article will shed some light on this place.

Keep reading to find out more about Red Mile in Starfield and its location, rewards, quests, and map.

Red Mile Starfield location overview - rewards, events, map Character looking a building

Where is Red Mile in Starfield?

Red Mile is a bar and gambling facility located on the planet Porrima lll in the Porrima Star System.  You can reach this planet after a grav jump and then landing on Red Mile.

Red Mile Starfield rewards

Players are still exploring this location thoroughly. Currently, some of the major rewards you can find are a couple of magazines such as Trackers Primer 03 which permanently increases EM weapon damage by 5%, and Grunt Issue 01 which permanently increases Ballistic Weapons Critical damage by an additional 5%.

Red Mile items to buy

You can buy weapons, ammo and aid from the bartender called Sati Chandra. More importantly, if you are looking to customize your ship, then you will need to talk to Lon Anderson. He sells Ship parts and mods that are very useful.

You cannot buy a house but you can rent a room for one night (300 credits) or one week (2,000 credits).

Red Mile special event

The special event in the Red Mile is the Red Mile Race. This is an event that you first hear from Vicente in The Wall section of New Atlantis. After you reach Red Mile, meet with Mei and talk to her about the race.

Now, you can officially participate in the race that requires you to quickly run through this dangerous track with Red Mile Maulers who will try to kill you. It will be worth to finish it alive for a juicy reward.

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