EA FC 24 store error - how to fix it Character celebrating a goal

EA FC 24 store error – how to fix it

EA FC 24 is currently suffering from a lot of different error bugs. This is probably the most frustrating thing that can happen to you while playing this game. One of these bugs is the store error message you get whenever you try to access the store in this game. This bug makes this entire store inaccessible. However, players have already found an easy solution, so you don’t have to suffer for long. This article will provide you with the best way to fix the EA FC 24 store error problem.

Once you fix this store error issue, hopefully, you won’t see it again. Moreover, fixing this bug should be your priority, as you won’t be able to buy packs if you cannot use the store.

Keep reading to find out how you can fix this EA FC 24 store error bug.

EA FC 24 store error - how to fix it Character passing a football

How to fix EA FC 24 store error?

If the error message that you get says “Store not supported in this resolution,” you will just need to change your resolution. Follow the steps below to do this:

  • Get out of the Football Ultimate Team menu.
  • From the main menu, access to the Settings Icon on the top left.
  • Again click on Settings, and go to Game Settings.
  • Scroll to Display Configuration.
  • Change your resolution.

Change your resolution size to something else. Generally, maxing it out works most of the time. After you do this, try to access the store menu again. If it still does not work, try out another resolution size.

Now, if you get a “checkout” error instead, then you will have to disconnect all your controllers and restart the game. Then, open your game again, press S, and change the language to something other than English. This should fix the problem.

These are the strange methods for solving the store error problem EA FC 24. These two methods should solve your problem. But if this issue still persists, then only the devs can help out with an update. So, keep an eye out for that.

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