AC Mirage Mysterious Shards locations - how to find them all Character using another characters as a body shield

AC Mirage Mysterious Shards locations – how to find them all

During The Calling Quest, which gets triggered right after your first Order Assassination, you must find 10 Mysterious Shards to unlock a chamber carrying some amazing loot. But to find these Shards is going to be a little difficult, as they are with NPCs who are constantly moving around. So, this article will try to provide you with the areas where you can find these NPCs and collect these Mysterious Shards from them in AC Mirage.

You can get the Shards off them by pickpocketing them or just straight-up killing them. The latter act will attract guards around these NPCs, so get ready to fight them as well.

Keep reading to find out about all the Mysterious Shards locations in AC Mirage and unlock all the amazing rewards.

AC Mirage Mysterious Shards locations - how to find them all Character about assassinate another character

Where to find all the Mysterious Shards in AC Mirage? 

The following are all the locations where you can find the NPCs carrying the Mysterious Shards:

  • Northwest side of Abbasiyah
  • Southeast Side of Abbasiyah
  • West Side of Harbiyah
  • Center-East side of Harbiyah
  • East side of Karkh
  • Southwest side of Karkh
  • Southwest side of Round City
  • Northwest side of Round City
  • West to the viewpoint located on the southern side of the Wilderness (In or near the village )
  • Town in the northwest of the northern Wilderness (West of the chamber you are unlocking)

Remember to constantly use your Enkidu and Eagle Vision to find the NPCs that have the diamond. Once you get all of them, go back to the secret chamber in the oasis and unlock the following items:

  • Shamshir-E Zomorrodnegar Sword
  • Milad’s Outfit
  • The Samsaama

This is basically how you find all the mysterious shards. It may take some time as the NPCs will keep walking in and around these areas, so make sure you look for them thoroughly.

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